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Rover Made Over is a family owned and operated mobile dog and catgabby grooming business serving Nashville, Franklin, and Brentwood.  We offer professional, gentle, and convenient grooming services at your doorstep.
We practice holistic grooming, meaning that we only use all natural ‘green’ shampoos that are gentle on your pet’s skin and the environment. boo

We try to make the groom as comfortable for your pet as possible-whether that is a little extra TLC for elderly pets or even using some essential oils for a nervous pet, we will go the extra mile.

All of our grooms include nail trims, ear cleaning, gland expression, all-natural bath, blow dry, brush out, and sanitary trim (if needed).

Our extra services include:

Nail Filing  *  Teeth Brushing  *  Deep Conditioning Treatments  *  Salt Scrubs  *  Medicated Baths  *  De-Shed Treatments  *

Email us or text us at 615-891-8745 today for a quote, questions, or to make an appointment!